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Temixwten artifact 45-WH-5-1182 side 1

21 Faces of
The God That Man Forgot
From the Charm Altars at Temixwten

Introduction to the Exhibit by Bruce Brown

The Museum of the Salish also features the...

* Oldest known map of North America

* World's oldest images of the domesticated horse

* World's oldest Chinese ceramic stoneware

* World's oldest images of Chinese macrame

* World's oldest images of Ch'inekw', the Salish dragon

* World's oldest images of Sisiutl, the Salish double-headed serpent

* World's oldest examples of the "ancestor in mouth" motif seen in the Aztec and Mayan conjure serpent

...and a radically old interpretation of Northwest prehistory that finally makes sense of the rise of the Salish, and reveals that Temixwten is the long-sought "missing link" between the Old World dragon and the New World serpent.

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